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Working Dogs

Working dogs and their human partners have been part of Ruffwear’s heart and soul since we launched the first collapsible dog bowl in 1994. From mountain snowstorms to urban disaster zones, working dogs and handlers have put our gear through rigorous testing in every type of environment. Their feedback on fit, durability, and performance helped shape who we are today and where we’re going next. As part of our commitment to working dogs and handlers, we’ve launched a program to design gear specifically tailored to their needs.

Previously, our line of service dog products were only available to purchase through select service dog schools. The lack of product availability to a portion of the service dog community does not align with our core belief in supporting the critical role of working dogs in our society. Going forward, Ruffwear will offer access to our service dog products on as a means to reach those who truly depend on it. Read the full statement here.

Working Dog Groups

  • Three ski patrollers with avalanche rescue dogs sit on snow in front of patrol office.


    Ruffwear proudly supports avalanche rescue teams around the United States and Canada by providing gear for their rescue dogs. These specially trained dogs are skilled at locating victims buried in and under the snow.

  • Blind runner runs on path with dog.


    Ruffwear partners with guide dog schools to better understand and provide the gear needed by these highly skilled dogs and their human companions.

  • Woman in wheelchair rolls along path with dog in access ID vest at her side.


    At Ruffwear, we believe in and support the critical role of working dogs in our society. Skillfully trained service dogs mean freedom for humans with disabilities.