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Ruffwear is an outdoor dog gear brand based in Bend, Oregon and founded on a passion for inspiring dog and human connections in the outdoors.

We’re an adventurous and curious group that’s driven by a passion for the canine-human connection. We work – and of course, play – like dogs to cultivate a world where all dogs and their human companions can thrive in the outdoors and unleash a life of discovery.

The dogs are what drew most of us in, and the people are why we stick around.

Keep scrolling to get to know our Pack and what we love about working toward a world where every dog is an explorer.

  • Vanesa & Della

    "I feel completely supported, never stranded on my own. This pack always has my back! This pack challenges me to rise to the occasion and put forth my best self. They all show up in a way that makes me want to show up for them. To do the work we do. To enhance our experience in exploration with our canine buds!"

  • Jeremiah & Oliver

    "What do I love about Ruffwear? The passion for the work we do and the people I get to work with! The continued growth and learning that comes from all the opportunities and challenges. Our mission, purpose and values that align so closely with my own."

  • Kate, Millie & Dixie

    "I love that Ruffwear is a place where I am encouraged to be curious. Whether my curiosities lie within my role, a random subject I want to learn about, or within the relationships I share with my coworkers, Ruffwear is always creating learning opportunities for its employees. This is truly a space to be an explorer and sniff out something new."