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Pro Purchase Program

We’re stoked you’d like to join the Ruffwear Pro Pack! Members of our Pro Pack act as ambassadors for our brand and make up a community that celebrates dogs as explorers.

Ruffwear offers discounts to qualified partners and professionals in our community. Please review the program guidelines, eligibility, and application below.


The program discount is a privilege and perk for approved applicants in the Pro Pack. Members accept that:

  • Products may not be purchased for anyone other than yourself - and your dog(s)
  • Products may not be purchased in bulk for groups or organizations
  • Please be discreet and refrain from discussing this program or pricing online, in public, or with Ruffwear dealers
  • Products may not be resold
  • Pro Purchase is not eligible for Free Shipping or Free Return Shipping
  • Ruffwear may limit pro purchase availability to certain products at their discretion, used gear is not eligible for pro discount

Failure to comply with any of the above may result in removal from the pro purchase program at anytime.


The following applicants are eligible to apply for the Ruffwear Pro Pack. Verification will be required, and Ruffwear will respond within five business days regarding the status of your application.

  • Industry Employees: Applicant works for:
    • An Authorized Ruffwear Dealer
    • A company with membership in the Outdoor Industry Association with a reciprocal pro program
    • A company with membership in the American Pet Products Association with a reciprocal pro program
    • A company in the snow, paddle, cycling, fishing, or climbing industry with a reciprocal pro program
  • Working Dogs: Applicant works with a dog that is trained to perform a specific working task for an organization (Police, Search and Rescue, Avalanche, Military, Detection)
  • Service Dogs: Applicant has a dog that is trained to perform a task for their handler.
  • Veterinarians: Applicant is a veterinarian or staff member at a veterinary clinic.
  • Dog Shelters and Rescue Organizations: Applicant is a paid employee of a dog shelter or rescue organization.
  • Dog Trainers: Applicant is a qualified trainer actively training dogs.

Pro Pack Membership is by application, not guaranteed, and can be revoked at any time. 

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