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Dog Life Jackets

Durable, lightweight, and comfortable life jackets for dogs. Designed for the dogs that love to make a splash and join their human while paddling, swimming, rafting, and exploring on water.

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Float Coat™ Dog Life Jacket colors

Float Coat™ Dog Life Jacket

buoyant, secure, reflective

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A dog life jacket can be the key that opens up a world of water exploring for you and your dog. For dogs that love to (or are learning to love to) join their humans rafting, kayaking, boating, surfing, and paddle boarding, the Float Coat™ is the Ruffwear life jacket designed to be the best dog life jacket for your sidekick. It focuses on buoyancy and comfort that allows dogs to swim naturally, and performance and durability so your dog can focus on having a blast joining your water adventure. Because it’s a life jacket with a handle, you can easily assist your dog back on board whenever they go for a swim.

Frequently Asked Questions

To choose a life jacket for your dog, you’ll first want to assess your dog's size and weight to select the appropriate size jacket. Next, consider the buoyancy and flotation features of the life jacket, ensuring it provides enough support to keep your dog afloat. Look for a jacket with adjustable straps for a customized fit and bright colors or reflective accents for increased visibility in the water. You’ll also want to opt for a durable and high-quality material that is comfortable for your dog to wear. Lastly, consider any additional features such as handles for lifting or a D-ring for attaching a leash. Ruffwear’s Float Coat™ has all these features and more.

A dog life jacket should fit snugly yet comfortably, ensuring that it doesn't restrict movement or cause discomfort. To ensure the perfect fit, measure your dog's girth and refer to our sizing guide. Adjust the straps to achieve a snug fit without being too tight. Always supervise your dog while wearing a life jacket to ensure their safety in the water.

No, you can’t use a human life jacket on your dog. Our bodies are built differently, move differently, and have different needs than our dogs’. The Float Coat™ is designed from a dog’s perspective, with the performance and quality of our own human gear as inspiration.

In addition to a dog life vest, other accessories that you should have on hand this summer include cooling gear for dogs, treat bag holders, pick-up bags, and a dog safety light. You’ll also want to make sure you throw in a few dog toys so you can entertain your canine companion between adventures.