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Camping With Dogs

Sharing a night under the stars with your dog? Amazing. Sharing your sleeping bag and food bowl? Hey, we all have limits. Our camping collection includes the gear your furry friend needs for a night outside.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We think it's a great idea to camp with dogs (we might be biased). With the right preparation and planning – check out our How to Camp and other resources above – you can set you and your dog up for a fun and memorable time camping out together. We always recommend checking in with your vet ahead of your trip for any questions you might have specific to your dog's health.

Whether you're sleeping in your car, camper, or your tent, your dog is likely to be happy to join you. It can be helpful to practice a few times before heading out on your camping trip. Getting them familiarized with a tent or camper ahead of time can help make it a smooth transition to sleeping away from home.

Leave No Trace are our go-to pros on this topic, and they recommend that dog waste be packed out in poop bags. Regulations might differ depending on the wilderness area you are in. Check their website or call in and speak with a ranger before heading out.