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Retrace, celebrate, and share the Waypoints that mark your journey with your dog. Then venture out to create new ones.

Waypoints celebrate the places our dogs take us and the joy of returning to them together, time and time again. Whether it's a summit, a shoreline, or a certain spot on the trail where your dog just has to stop and sniff every time.

With your dog by your side, these places hold significance beyond navigation. And every time we return to them, the history they hold goes deeper, and the possibilities for new stories to be told are endless.

This season, we worked with some incredible dog and human teams who shared their own Waypoints with us through storytelling and some really fun photoshoots.

Waypoints Worth Wandering

  • Noel stands next to her two dogs and a kayak on a beach.

    Noël Russell, Sue & Fin

    Follow the words of storyteller and photographer, Noël Russell, on her journey of creating, re-visiting, and learning from the Waypoints she's discovered with her dogs over the years.

  • Abby rides through the Sedona desert with her two dogs running in front.

    Abby Chan, Kona & Mochi

    For Abby and her crew, Waypoints are those spots they keep returning to – like this staple weekend escape where they can all get out and play together.

  • Max walks with his dog up a grassy hill to the crag.

    Max Tepfer & Billy

    Max Tepfer and his sidekick Billy are regulars at Trout Creek. He shares about how community, climbing, and endless ways for Billy to explore built their connection to this spot.

  • Hailey kicks in the air in joy while her two dogs jump next to her on a desert backpacking trip.

    Hailey Hagerty, Sky & Ripley

    Redrock slabs, open spaces, endless trails – it's no wonder this spot has become an oasis for Hailey, Sky, and Ripley as they find the freedom to explore their own way.

  • Moira & Jada

    Ruffwear's very own Moira Hundley shares the significant experiences she's had with her canine sidekick, Jada, at their favorite waypoint – Good Dog Park in Bend, Oregon.

We’d love to hear about your Waypoints with your dog. Tag us on Instagram @ruffwear, and use #RuffwearWaypoints so we can hear your story.

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