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The Conservation Alliance

Safeguarding Our Public Lands

We believe a happy dog is a dog outside. We find joy in sharing outdoor adventures with our canine companions, and these adventures depend on access to wild places where we can explore and play together.

That’s why Ruffwear has been a proud member of The Conservation Alliance for the last decade. The Conservation Alliance is a group of outdoor businesses that works together to protect wild places throughout North America, where wildlife thrives and where we recreate. Each member company pays annual dues into a central fund, and the Alliance donates 100 percent of those dues to organizations working to protect and restore our public lands. 

Two whitewater kayaks on river, hiker on top of mountain looking at mountains in distance, rock formation in desert.

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Man wades across river in the woods.
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Through their membership in The Conservation Alliance, Ruffwear expresses their commitment to protecting wild lands and waters. These places are important for wildlife, and for outdoor recreation today, and future generations. Outdoor brands like Ruffwear understand that investing in conservation helps ensure the future of their business.

-John Sterling, executive director of The Conservation Alliance

Since its inception in 1989, The Conservation Alliance has contributed more than $18 million toward efforts to safeguard our public lands. This funding has helped protect more than 50 million acres of wild lands and 2,991 miles of rivers, stop or remove 29 dams, designate five marine reserves, and purchase 12 climbing areas.

Ruffwear is proud to be part of the effort to save these wild areas -- for hiking boots and dog boots alike.

For more information, visit The Conservation Alliance.