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Chrissi & Winnie

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Winnie and Chrissi live in Pongau, a region in the Austrian Alps, where they have daily adventures right from their doorstep. Winnie Pooh, who came to Chrissi from an animal shelter in Romania when he was just five months old, has always been a very sensitive dog. Chrissi had always wanted a dog that she could take with her everywhere, so she adopted him, which turned out to be a life-changing decision, as he taught her so much about patience and freedom. Especially as a first dog, it was often a challenge to deal with Winnie's insecurities. He was always an atypical dog that didn't like balls or frisbees, so she had to find a way for him to trust her. Once Chrissi found out what he really loved — the mountains, hiking, ski touring and just doing everything together — his insecurities gradually disappeared and they became an inseparable team. For 6 years now they have been spending every day together, whether on skis, on a SUP, or in Chrissi's roof tent. They love every second of it!

Follow their adventures at: @mountainstrays

chrissi skis with her dog.
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Winnie is the perfect adventure buddy for me. What I love most about him, is his puppylike spirit, always playful and curious! He is simply a real goofball! When we're out on the mountain on our own, he also calms me down and we then mainly communicate non-verbally. We each go our own way, but together, and at the end we enjoy the view together when we share our summit snack.