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Adventure Inspiration

Unleashing Possibility with Seth & Rose

With the right gear and a bit of that eagerness to explore that comes so naturally to our dogs, there’s no telling what adventure you and your dog can unleash next. And for Seth and Rose, it's the mutual trust they've built over time that ultimately inspires them to keep pushing what's possible together.

When I went ski touring with Rose for the first time, she was young and I was really excited. I'd worked a lot with her before that first tour, teaching her things like staying away from the sharp edges on my skis and other people's boards.

That first ride would still teach me other things about Rose. 

One of the big things was seeing what her threshold of being in the snow and cold. I knew she liked playing in the snow, but this was going on a trek. I was curious if she was going to get tired post-holing, wondering if there was going to be a point that she wasn't having fun.

So I went into that first tour together looking out for that point, and if it came up, we’d just turn around.

Man trail running with dog

Immediately, when we really started riding, she was flying after me. It was the perfect snow depth that she was able to keep up, and she was running, hopping over logs, just having a blast.

I remember looking over at her and thinking, “Yup, we're gonna have fun together.”

For Rose, it was a moment where she realized she could explore in open terrain. It was an all-new way for her to explore. And now, years later after that first tour, whenever my bibs are on and I grab my skis, she's ready to go.

We've learned a lot of new things together: biking, running, paddling, skiing, one-wheeling. We’ve built a way of communicating through all these activities we do together.

Dog and man sitting on a mountaintop

Each time we try something new, it takes some time to gain confidence. She learns to trust me more, I learn to trust her more. And each time we learn something new, it becomes, “What else can we do?”

Now, Rose is down to fly around trails with me, down to go swim with me across the lake, down to kayak, sail, tour. Even if we’re hiking and she needs a boost to climb over something, she's used to being on my shoulders to get up and over an obstacle.

With Rose, I feel like Unleashing Possibility is just being able to have that mutual trust together. It's that deep bond with Rose where we're totally in sync, anything is possible, and we can do just about anything together.

Man petting his dog and sitting together on a mounttop

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