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The Story Behind Our New Glacier Pattern

Whether peering deep into a crevasse or ogling the sprawling vastness from high above, glaciers are inherently artful elements of nature. And contrasting their grandeur and sheer power is the vulnerability of their very existence.

This was all on designer Liz’s mind as she developed Glacier – this season’s new pattern for the Climate Changer™ Jacket and Climate Changer™ Pullover.

Digital graphic of glacier pattern.

"There are two visuals I pulled inspiration from. One of an actively melting glacier, with shards falling into the ocean. The other is a filtered image of oceanic white water. Both depict our changing climate and the tumultuous seas we're facing today, both literally and metaphorically."


The abstract nature of these flowing masses of ice lends well to the roller printing process used for our fleece patterns. And with the consequences of a warming planet, melting ice, and rising sea levels on the mind, it made sense for Glacier to be this season's new pattern on the Climate Changer Jacket and Climate Changer Pullover.

Dog in glacier print climate changer fleece drinks out of bivy bowl next to car after bike ride.

The material in these jackets is more than your standard high-performance technical fleece. It's also made of 75% recycled post-industrial materials (waste generated in manufacturing).

Finding new purpose for what would otherwise end up in a landfill is one way we can reduce energy consumption and extraction of finite resources – two of many factors that contribute to climate change and have an impact our planet. And using responsible materials like this is just one way Ruffwear acts on the commitment to an elevated standard of sustainability.

Dog in glacier fleece stands outside tent.

The Glacier print celebrates the beauty and awe of these frozen formations. We hope it inspires conversation about climate change and the steps we can all take to reduce our environmental pawprint on the planet we love to explore with our canine sidekicks.