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5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

With a solid hot-weather strategy, you and your dog can keep exploring, even amidst the sweltering days of summer. We’re here to help with our top gear and essential tips for keeping your dog cool.

Summer success starts with carrying a bowl and plenty of water to keep your sidekick hydrated on your excursions.
Dog drinking out of red packable dog bowl

When temps are high or shade is scarce, wet the Swamp Cooler™ Vest or Swamp Cooler™ Zip Vest to tap into its evaporative cooling tech designed to keep your dog cool. Bonus: full coverage offers shading and thermal protection rated at 50+ UPF.

Dog running in desert with cooling vest on

Hot weather often means hot trails and pavement. The Grip Trex™ Boots have a rugged outsole to protect paws from hot surfaces and a breathable mesh upper to keep air flowing.
Dog wearing dog boots on hot rocky trail with person mountain biking in background

As temperatures peak, sometimes your best bet is to head for the water and cool off with a splash. Engaging floating toys offer plenty of motivation to go for a swim.
Dog chasing floating disc in a lake with people on their SUP in the background

Alpine starts and twilight treks take advantage of the coolest parts of the days. These lower temps come with lower light, and The Beacon™ Safety Light is a great way to boost your pup’s visibility in those conditions.Dog in sleeping bag with safety light on at nighttime, next to their person.