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New Year's Resolution: Be More Like My Dog

Looking back, we learned a lot from our dogs in 2020. They've proven themselves wise in the ways of life, so as we look ahead to 2021, I've come to the conclusion that my New Year's Resolution this year is to be more like my dog.

If in 2021 I can be half as curious, kind, loving, silly, and eager for adventure as my pup, Lennon, then I think I'll be on the right track. Whatever resolutions she's made for 2021 are now also my resolutions.

The usual suspects are all on the list – eat more treats, explore new trails, chew all the sticks – but here are a few other ones that stood out.

Cristina gives dog Lennon, who is wearing a jet stream cooling vest, a kiss mid trail run on a hot day..

"Less Zoom, more zoomie."

Lennon has been not-so-subtly protesting the amount of time I spend on video calls for work by pulling out her squeakiest toys every time I jump into a meeting. More screen time comes with the territory of working remotely during the pandemic, but Lennon has a point. I might not be decreasing number of virtual meetings any time soon, but I can restore a bit of balance by increasing the number of opportunities to get outside, run around, get a little crazy, and let the zoomies out.

"Finally catch my tail. Or, at least try to."

As humans, we may not have a literal tail, but I bet we've all got a proverbial one – some idea or goal that's kinda always been in our periphery and just out of reach. Maybe 2021 is the year to finally go for it. You might catch it, you might not, but after observing Lennon, I think the secret here is to try, keep at it, and feel the thrill of doing so.

"Sniff more."

I've heard sniffing is to dogs as reading is to humans. Mentally stimulating, enjoyable, and a way to learn about the world around you. Lennon is a seasoned sniffer, so I'm confident she'll make good on this one. Me, on the other hand... well, the ever-vague "Read more" has been on my resolution list (and promptly forgotten) 4 years running, so the irony here is too good. But if Lennon's going for it, I suppose I will, too. 

Lennon noses around the grass and wildflowers sniffing.

"Make peace with vacuum cleaner."

Lennon has come a long way with this (it was on her resolution list last year). Seeing her grow inspires me to learn more about the things that scare me or make me uncomfortable – to seek understanding and how that might change my perspective. Also, I've been a bit lax on my vacuuming routine and should probably get on top of that, too. The shed struggle is real.

"Explore new cuisine."

Lennon's zeal for grub, both edible and questionable, is undeniable. Sometimes I have to run interference (I'll spare you the details), but perhaps mixing it up with her treats will satisfy some of that curiosity. Then, I'll work on straying from ordering "my usual" and trying something new at my favorite Thai food place in town. 

What would your year look like if you followed your dog's lead? What resolutions are on their list? Share with us in the comments, or let us know on social media by tagging @ruffwear.